lynlOO has been with the design industry since 1998, with Diplomas in both Interior Design and Visual Communication.

At a young age, lyn was exposed to the carpentry industry as she often hung out at her dad’s carpentry workshop.

After graduating with a Diploma in Visual Comm in Temasek Poly, lyn first joined the Printing Industry as a graphic designer. Here, she honed her graphics skills. Soon, with the support from a business printing partner, she started her own publishing company and published a series of hand-drawn illustration kids activity books for 3 years.

With great satisfaction derived from these publications, she decided to ‘publish’ works in a more 3-dimensional format, thus leading her to where she is today, in Interior Design. Lyn’s passion and knack in this field first shone through when she did her Diploma in Interior Design, awarded by Canberra Institute of Technology, Australia, where she graduated with High Distinction.

With this, she ventured into the Interior Design industry and started as a kitchen design specialist for a year. After which she moved on to another company for six years, where she successfully completed many projects in residential, corporate, hospitality and retail industries, both locally and in the region, including a 3-year stint in Vietnam.

Lyn’s interest extend beyond the usual brick and mortar, she was also involved in Sentosa Sandsation, where she was the Team Leader in “Making of Sandcity” and the SICEC Milleanium Exploration, where she was the Team Leader in the “Space Galactic Workshop”.

With the above experience, confidence rose and Lyn decided that the ID industry is where she wants to be. This led her to start her own ID firm – Studio Lifestyle Design – in 2008.  Since then, she has never looked back and has received numerous smiles and affirmation from satisfied customers.